IAM Open Lecture #4 Abel Groenewolt : Robot-Aided Architecture

IAM Open Lecture #4
Abel Groenewolt „Robot-Aided Architecture“
17:00 Tuesday 13 Dec 2016
Kronesgasse 5/3

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When investigating and developing digitally aided design methods and robotic fabrication processes, current building methods and design approaches are inherently questioned. How will computational tools and robotics shape building systems of the future? Is the digital revolution a chance to bring designers closer to the process of making? Will material still matter? Should architects become computer scientists? Will design see a shift from drawing to directing? By discussing a series of projects that explore various approaches to computational design, tentative answers to these questions can be formulated.

Abel Groenewolt is a research associate at the Institute for Computational Design at Universität Stuttgart. He earned his degree in architecture from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2006, and after having worked in various offices in Helsinki, he pursued a postgraduate degree in Architecture and Information at ETH Zürich in 2014. Before joining ICD, he worked at Design to Production and at the chair of Architecture and Building Systems at ETH Zürich. His interests revolve around the relationships between geometry, computation and construction, with a particular focus on the implications that the linking of the digital with the buildable has on design methods. His current research focus is on the development of structurally informed, robotically produced timber building systems.


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