IAM Open Lecture #5 Reinhard König : Cognitive Urban Design Computing

IAM Open Lecture #5
Reinhard König „Cognitive Urban Design Computing“
18:30 Thursday 12 Jan 2017
IAM Media Lab, Kronesgasse 5/3

What is needed for the development of a future-oriented computational design support is a productive combination of the excellence of human cognition, with the power of modern computing technology. We call this approach “cognitive design computing”. The computational part aims to mimic the way a designer’s brain works, through combining state-of-the-art optimization and machine learning approaches with available simulation methods. The cognition part respects the complex nature of design problems by the provision of models for human-computation interaction. Therefore, distributing the design problem between computer and designer.

Reinhard König is Senior Scientist at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Junior-Professor at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, and Co-PI in the Big Data Informed Urban Design group at the Future Cities Lab (FCL) at the Singapore ETH Centre. He has a background in digital architecture and urban planning.

*images: Matthias Standfest, Chair of Information Architecture ETHz

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