Ars Electronica Festival 2017 : Julian Jauk – A living piece of architecture

„A Living Piece of Architecture“ the ongoing thesis project of IAM student and assistant Julian Jauk, was exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival 2017 that took place between 7-11.09.2017 in Linz. His work was part of the festival’s Highlights Tour, for which he also gave an interview to FM4.

A living piece of architecture is a conceptual utopian design for housing beyond smart homes, intended to overcome existing dualisms such as digital and material, artificial and natural.

The kinetic, photosensitive and adaptive model shows a type of architecture that constantly changes its morphology to adapt not only to the environment but also to human emotions. The shape, size and speed of adaptation are controlled by an evolutionary optimization algorithm, which is a bionic technology inspired by nature. But instead of a lifetime cycle, one iteration takes just a few seconds. This algorithm follows biological criteria for life that have been transferred to architecture, such as physical irritability, and growth through tensile materials within a self-regulating system. Participants are invited to stimulate the architecture by setting it to their mood by changing the energy and light sources, as the building is intended to evolve from the climate given in this way—like plants or animals do.

FM4 video interview [x]

More information about the exhibition at AEF below:

A living piece of architecture