Open Lecture #19 Mariana Bisti – From Architecture to architectures

IAM Open Lecture #19
Mariana Bisti
From Architecture to architectures
18:00 Friday 13 April 2018
Halle, Kronesgasse 5/1

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Architecture is synonymous with the notion of structure/construction/building. But above all, Architecture is a way of seeing, thinking and questioning. By using the architectural gaze, language and mode of thinking, one can develop an approach, a form of investigation and analysis, which offers a set of tools for the deconstruction and reconstruction of meaning and its contingent nature. In a sense, we are in the realm of other kinds of architectures, of narratives created and dismantled through the vocabulary and syntax of Architecture, evading its original context and contaminating other disciplines with its core characteristics. This is not always a formal process, but rather an intuitive journey which involves expression and reflection, always contingent and often uncertain.

Mariana Bisti studied Building Restoration (TEIPAT 2005) and Architectural Engineering (BA/MSc, NTUA 2012) in Greece. In 2014, having spent several years in the design industry, she moved to London to pursue a MFA in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Fine Art (UCL 2016). Her art practice ranges across different media, including video, photography, public interventions, performances and installation. It can be described as an exploration of the contours of meaning and identities, through the processing of their equivocal formations and contingent representations. In her works, traces, marks, manifestations of temporal presence are recorded and manipulated in an attempt to investigate the ubiquitous absence of certainty in our contemporary world. Implications of political and social issues are juxtaposed with solid forms and concrete spatial references, informing each other of the current human condition and its contextual ambiguities.

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