DFORM | Digital Form and Motion

This course will teach 3d content creation for realtime usage, in other words modelling/texturing/animation of 3d models and environments intended for usage in Virtual & Augmented Reality applications (or games in general). It will cover low-polygon modelling techniques and optimization of models for best performance usage and how to use them inside a game engine. The main software used will be Blender and Unity, along with complementary raster and vector editing software like Photoshop adn Illustrator.

The course is taught in English, and its part of the Virtual Spaces Master Studio 2018: Impossible Spaces.

Diese Lehrveranstaltung ist nur gemeinsam mit der LV 161.777 Projektübung absolvierbar



SS 18, Wahlfach, Master, dform


Gosch Philipp


Schrotz Martin Helmut
Fink Theresa Rosina
Katona Eszter Krisztina