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Impossible Spaces

The Virtual Spaces Master Studio is an intensive and experimental master design studio module offered by the Institute of Architecture and Media of the Architecture Faculty of TU Graz, for the Summer Semester of 2018. As with the previous iterations of the studio in 2017 and 2016, the course will develop interactive Virtual Reality applications in the format of videogames, focusing on perceptible and immaterial spatial concepts and experiences. The 2010 VSMS is titled “Impossible Spaces” aiming to explore spatial navigable configurations that are sensible and perceptible however impossible to construct in the physical world. The studio will approach Virtual Reality as a choropoietic medium, instead of a representational one, and explore from an architectural perspective the possibility of designing spatial experiences that don’t rely on physical materiality. As with the previous iteration, the studio will work with the HTC Vive virtual reality system that offers a 4x4m tracked space, as well as with the Microsoft HoloLens.

„The Kunsthaus of the Future“ AR workshop
The studio will start with an intensive workshop for developing AR+spatial audio installations for the closing event of the exhibition „Into the unknown“ at Kunsthaus Graz. Studio participants are going to collaborate with musicians from the Institute of Electronic Music (Kunst Uni Graz) to produce immaterial spatiotemporal environments, bridging augmented reality and spatial audio, to speculate on the Kunsthaus of the future, and the future of architecture. The installations will be exhibited at the closing event of the exhibition, at 17:00 on March 24, at the top floor of the Kunsthaus [x][f]
The workshop is organized with Gerriet K. Sharma of the Institute of Electronic Music, University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz.
Robotic Eyes in collaboration with Microsoft Austria are sponsoring the studio with Microsoft HoloLens devices.

Course presentation: 17:00 Monday  March 5 2018, HSI, Alte Technik Campus, TU Graz.
Course registration: Tuesday March 6 2018
Course language: The course is offered in English, and is open to Erasmus students as well
Course location: Media Lab, Institute of Architecture and Media, Kronesgasse 5/III, Graz
Maximum participants: 15 + 3 Erasmus Students

Related Events
„Towards the Expanded Field“ 3-day symposium at the Haus der Architektur of Graz, March 7-9 [x][f]
Diagonale Film Festival – VR section [x]
„Further Through the Unknown“ – AR & Spatial Audio exhibition, Kunsthaus Graz, March 24 [x]
Open Lectures to be announced soon, including talks by Prof. Niels Jonkhans, Anouk De Clercq, Mariana Bisti and Frank Fetzer
Workshop on a phenomenological approach to videogames by Frank Fetzer (TU Vienna)
Gaming nights
Film screening

Course Calendar [x]

Course Details
All course assignments and output are in digital form. No previous programming experience is necessary. Fluency with conventional 3D modelling, raster and vector graphics software though is required. The course is going to work mainly with Unity 3D, Blender, and Premiere Pro.
Interest in learning new software, interdisciplinary methodology, scripting, CAD and low-poly modelling, storytelling and theory are welcome.

The course includes the obligatory electives Digital Form and Motion and Interdisciplinary Media
The course is coordinated through a Slack group and a teamup calendar. Collective readings are performed using Hypothes.is

Teaching team
Studio core class: Constantinos Miltiadis & Prof. Urs Hirschberg
Interdisciplinary Media elective: Constantinos Miltiadis
Digital Form & Motion elective: Phil Gosch
Student Assistants: Theresa Fink, Eszter Katona & Martin Schrotz

Poster image: M.C. Escher, Relativity (1953)

Verpflichtende Wahlfächer
161.803 Digitale Form und Bewegung
161.804 Interdisziplinäre Medienprojekte

Diese Lehrveranstaltungen sind nur gemeinsam mit der LV 161.777 Projektübung absolvierbar! Die Projektübung kann nur gemeinsam mit den verpflichtenden Wahlfächern abgeschlossen werden.



SS 18, Pflichtfach, Master, studio


Miltiades Constantinos
Hirschberg Urs Leonhard


Fink Theresa Rosina
Katona Eszter Krisztina
Schrotz Martin Helmut