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We will design and build a full scale wood structure at the Alte Technik campus by means of a combination of robotic and manual craft. The approach is based on the integration of fabrication strategies in the design thinking process and relies on hands-on experimentation and the holistic understanding of aesthetics, structure and tectonics. Students will explore the potential of inventing new construction processes with a range of digital and analog tools as well as exploiting the qualities, behaviours and properties resulting from the playful articulation of different materials. To this end, they will receive comprehensive training in the programming and operation of computer controlled machinery as well as essential skills in computational design. Ultimately, the student-designed prototype will serve as a basis for the developement of a family of infostands rebranding the region of Murau.

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Important Dates:
Introduction: Mo 02.10.17 16:30 HS1
Kick Off Workshop: Tue 10.10-15.10.17 Steinhaus
Site Visit Murau: TBA

Compulsory courses:
161.802 Digital Fabrication
161.807 Simulation techniques

These courses are bound to course Nr. 161.777! To complete the integral design studio successfully you have to pass the required course(s) too.

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WS 17/18, Pflichtfach, Master, studio


Paixao Jose
Fend Florian
Hirschberg Urs Leonhard