WKS3 | workshop 3

Angelos Chronis - Morphogenetic Fluid Dynamics

Workshop 3: Winter Semester 2017|2018
November 6-10
Tutor: Angelos Chronis / IaaC Barcelona, Innochain & Marie Curie fellow.

The Morphogenetic Fluid Dynamics workshop aims to introduce a performance-driven design methodology, through exploring the ideas of shape optimization and iterative simulation feedback.

The workshop will look into the morphogenetic potential of fluids, based on the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations and Computational Design processes. Working with a real world scenario and objective and through analyzing the context and data of the given site, participants will be asked to use introductory level parametric geometry and simulation tools to explore the effects of their design on the airflow and ventilation of the building.

Angelos Chronis is a Marie Curie Fellow of the Innochain network at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia in Barcelona. He teaches at IaaC and the Bartlett School of Architecture. Previously he has been working as an Associate for the Applied Research + Development group at Foster + Partners.

His main research interest lies in the integration of simulation, optimization and performance drive in the design and fabrication process and he is actively involved in scientific committees as an author, reviewer and organizer as well as participating in lectures, workshops and architecture crits internationally.

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