CAADist Calendar

The CAADist Calendar is an initiative to collect and present academic conference, positions and scholarship deadlines, as well as events, to fellow researchers in the field of CAAD.

The calendar can be viewed on a browser at this link:
For information on how to subscribe to the calendar visit studioany.
You can suggest deadlines, events and position announcements at caadist [at] gmail [dot] com

The calendar is maintained by an international team of young researchers:

  • Constantinos Miltiadis – Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz [x]
  • Petros Koutsolampros – Space Syntax Lab, University College of London [x]
  • Evan Pantazis – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of South California [x]
  • Achilleas Xydis – Chair for Architecture and Building Process, ETH Zurich [x]
  • Angelos Chronis – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia [x]
  • Abel Groenewolt – Institute for Computational Design, University of Stuttgart [x]
  • Pierre Cutellic – Chair for CAAD, ETHz / AREA Institute Paris [x]




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