Folded Space 2.0 Folded Space / Gefeltete Raum 2.0 Exhibition at MUWA

The Institute of Architecture and Media would like to invite you to the exhibition opening of “Folded Space 2.0” with the works of Prof. Milena Stavric and her students, on Friday September 16 2016 at MUWA in Graz.
The exhibition will be open until March 24 2017.
The favourable cooperation between the Museum of Perception MUWA and the Institute of Architecture and Media IAM since 2013 with four already realised smaller presentations, lectures and workshops for scholars shows with this big exhibition for the first time works of students on the main floor. The objects prove the successful symbiosis of art and science, realized by connecting modern technics and manual production, and they show individual interpretations of a mandated topic and for this reason the aesthetics of three-dimensional, geometric models of academic level.
Under the direction of Ass.-Prof. DI Dr. MILENA STAVRIC students developed space structures, parametrised and cut them out by laser cutter and finally folded them manually in the course “Design of specialised topics” at the Graz University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Architecture and Media. The presentation of the aesthetic and technical further developed results of various dimension in this extensive exhibition in the MUWA indicates once more the importance of the interface between technology and manual fabrication.
Friedrich Fröbel, 1782-1852, about the importance of paper folding”… out of the permanent unformed, or out of the unformed permanent, through three fractions and three cuts, the most constitutional and simplest shape, the square, occurs. This phenomenon claims the strictest, multilateral attention.”
How to transform an idea or a conception via numbers and algorithms into an aesthetic shape? How to assign dynamics to simple shapes like cuboid, pyramid or cone? How to transfer a two-dimensional piece of paper via folding into a desired three-dimensional space structure? Has the act of folding the capacity to transfer the own passion for mathematics, technique and science into a tesselated process? Students got confronted with such questions while realising the exhibited works. Based on this fact prime ideas must be prepared to realize using new digital tools like for example the CAD-program and the laser cutter. Ideas must be abstracted and restrictions considered concerning the use of these tools and the material paper.
Students learn step by step to use these new digital tools for the implementation of their own creative ideas. They start their draft with a particular folding system which generates an unexpected result via mathematic operations, mixed with curiosity and a lot of experimentation. That way they learn through algorithms and programming to visualise in a three-dimensional way for themselves their own conceptions with CAD program and for that to understand them. The rendering via CAD enables to examine the realisability of the own concept however the construction of folded structures is an accurate and elaborated labor. After all the three-dimensional shape is transferred via CAD program to the surface which means that the shapes get unwind and cut out by laser cutter. Finally the hand is folding the three-dimensional model.
The exhibited folded structures cover a spectrum of tabloid objects (33 x 33 cm), modular structures (70 x 70 cm) to the point of spacious folded works (70 x 100 cm). Fedrigoni-paper in four different weights – 135 g, 170 g, 200 g and 250 g – was used for the works.
Milena Stavric
Mitarbeit: DI Martin Frühwirth, Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Albert Wiltsche
Assistenz: Bsc Markus Bartaky, Bsc Julian Jauk
Studierende: Afschar Melina Marie, Babahmetovic Ajna, Becker Doris, Brandauer Anna, Bukovec Mitja, Ciucan Maria Cristina, Deimel Jana, Eberl Alexia Petra, Falle Christina, Feller Laura, Flachhuber Philip, Föger Samuel, Gerlach Catherine, Hadolt Katharina, Hierzer Fabienne-Chantal, Huta Eni, Jehli Benjamin, Kaltenegger Julia Katharina, Kerestes Josip, Kern Eva Maria, Kertusha Endlers, Kremenovic Milorad, Kryeziu Xhylferije, Lausegger Daniel Florian, Lebitsch Julian, Lichtenegger Ina Barbara, Lindorfer Theresa, Meindl Lukas, Meran Janine Monique Manuela, Merkl Eva-Maria, Moser Valentin, Nelly Sanjta, Neumann Stefan, Obermayer Theresa, Obermair Felix, Postlmayr Victoria, Prnjavorac Edin, Quechenberger Johann, Roser Tamara Sue, Ritonja Saša, Schaller Markus, Schitter Patrick, Schweitzer Christian, Singer Andrea, Siegl Matthias, Sorger Alina, Vasatko Hana, Wagner Katrin, Weirauch Stefan, Weiss Judith, Wojciechowska Katarzyna, Zitterer Lukas Andreas


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