Further through the Unknown : A virtual look at the future of the Kunsthaus

The Kunsthaus of the Future
Kunsthaus Graz
24.03.2018 17:00-19:00
Venue: Space01

Building on what the Kunsthaus brought to architecture, students of the Virtual Spaces Master Studio of the Institute of Architecture and Media TU Graz and students of the Institute of Electronic Music of Kunst Uni Graz will collaborate to produce spatiotemporal installations for the closing event of the exhibition “Up into the Unknown”. Combining augmented reality and spatial audio, the installations intend to speculate not only on the Kunsthaus in the future but on the Kunsthaus of the future, and the incorporation of virtual, immaterial and temporal aspects into architecture.

Workshop supervisors:
Constantinos Miltiades, Institute of Architecture and Media, TU Graz
Gerriet K. Sharma, Institute of Electronic Music Kunst Uni Graz

with Reviews & Input from Barbara Steiner (UMJ), Niels Jonkhans, Gernot Stangl (architects), Wolfgang Walcher (robotic-eyes, Graz)

Thanks to Wolfgang Walcher of Robotic Eyes, and Microsoft Austria for their sponsorship of Hololens devices.

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