Virtual Spaces [Studio]
Exploring Virtual Space from an architectural point of view, in order to design novel interactive spatial experiences. The studio will make use of the Unity3D game engine and Virtual Reality head-mounted displays for immersive installations [eg]

Architecture & Film [Elective]
Video editing and compositing as storytelling tools.

Interdisciplinary Media: Space to Sound [Elective]
Interdisciplinary Media will investigate and explore the notions of space and movement as interfaces for producing sound through resonating a sculpture. It will use the Processing programming language, Kinect sensors and the Pure Data visual language for electronic music. The final project is to produce a spatially interactive audio installation.


  • Graz VR Night [x]
  • Graz Open Architecture Day

The #VirtualSpacesMasterStudio is sponsored with VR devices by Drei Austria.





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Master Studio Module, Summer Semester 2016

Teaching team:

Prof. Urs Hirschberg
hirschberg [at]
Institute of Architecture and Media / TU Graz

Constantinos Miltiadis
c.miltiades [at]
Institute of Architecture and Media / TU Graz

Lidwig Grimm
ludwig.grimm [at]

Julian Jauk
julian.jauk [at]

Martin Schrotz
martin.schrotz [at]