VSMS 16m2 Labyrinths is an intensive master studio module taught by the Institute of Architecture and Media of TU Graz. As with VSMS 2016, the course will develop as final output interactive VR applications in the format of videogames, focusing on perceptible and immaterial spatial concepts.


Virtual Spaces Master Studio: 16m2 Labyrinths [Studio 161.701]
Starting from the notion of the labyrinth, the studio will examine different structural and perceptive concepts of space, through theoretical readings from various fields (architecture, critical theory, game studies). It will explore Virtual Reality and videogames as media that provide a spatial platform for developing novel architectural experiences.  With the theme of 16m2 Labyrinths, the studio will focus on developing concepts and designing spaces that are able to evoke strong architectural qualities, in such a small physical footprint, in an interactive, navigable and immaterial framework.
The studio will use the Unity game engine and the HTC Vive head-mounted display system.
Taught by Constantinos Miltiades & Prof. Urs Hirschberg

Interdisciplinary Media [Obligatory Seminar 161.804]
Interdisciplinary media, is concerned with developing technical and expressive skills in media such as text, film, and interactive spatial experiences. It will examine various examples of films and videgames and analyse their concepts of space, narrative language and the qualities they evoke. Throughout the semester it will produce an array of work in the topic of transmedia storytelling, and eventually, in conjunction with Digital From and Motion, it will develop interactive applications for the Ars Electronica Deep Space 8K.
Taught by Constantinos Miltiades

Digital Form and Motion [Obligatory Seminar 161.803]
The course will teach 3D modelling for computer graphics (low-poly modelling), as well as creating materials and texturing 3D objects. Furthermore it will develop concept design, storyboarding and moodboarding techniques for developing coherent virtual worlds. Together with Interdesciplinary Media, it will develop interactive applications for the Ars Electronica Deep Space 8K.
Taught by Oliver Rieschl

All course assignments and output are in digital form. No previous programming experience is necessary. Fluency with conventional 3D modelling, raster and vector graphics software though is required.

The studio as well as the electives are taught in English, and are open for Erasmus students as well.

The studio will travel to Linz on the 23rd-24th of March. On Thursday 23rd of March we will visit the Ars Electronica Center and join an event at the Deep Space 8K. On Friday, we will have a tour of the city including the Lentos Museum, Höhen Rausch and Museums Quartier , Schloss Museum and the University of Arts of Linz.Events.

Curricular and extracurricular events
In the scope of the module, there will be a series of guest lectures from scholars and professionals, invited external guests for critiques, meetings and common events with the Game Design & Development course of the ICCM, and a final public exhibition at the Graz Open Architecture Day.

Teaching team
Constantinos Miltiades, IAM
Prof. Urs Hirschberg, IAM
Oliver Reischl, External Lecturer, IAM

Student assistants
Ludwig Grimm
Martin Schrotz
Julian Jauk

Prof. Urs Hirschberg is the head of the Institute of Architecture and Media.
iam.tugraz.at | hirschberg [at] tugraz.at

Constantinos Miltiades is a University Assistant at IAM where his research and teaching focuses on VR as a new spatial platform for architecture.
iam.tugraz.at | studioany.com | c.miltiades [at] tugraz.at

Oliver Reischl is a senior 3D graphic artist. For more than 15 years he has worked as a professional developer in various videogame studios like Rockstar Vienna, Bongfish and Rabcat. His skillset includes traditional art, modelling and animating, motion graphics and scripting. As a passionate generalist, his work covers various media such as video, audio, music and design. His track record of over 20 released titles include between others GTA Vice City, Max Payne, Motorcross Madness and Red Bull Racing.
iam.tugraz.at | clawjelly [at] gmail.com