Tam Mathew


Matthew Tam is an architect based in Vienna. He received a Mag.arch from the University of Applied Arts Vienna, studying at studio Wolf Prix and Hani Rashid, as well as a BSc. from the University of Melbourne. Matthew currently works within the Advanced Geometry department at Bollinger + Grohmann engineers working at the interface of architectural, structural and computational design. Matthew has previously taught at the Studio3, TU Innsbruck and is also core to the “Karamba” (a parametric engineering plugin for Rhino3d) team, regularly holding workshops at various conferences and institutions. He is a cofounder of the lasercutting studio “themakelab”based in Melbourne which focuses on interdisciplinary digital, analog design and fabrication techniques.

Matthew joined the Institute of Architecture and Media, to teach the Simulation Techniques Elective for the Winter Semester Master Studio of 2017-2018.