: agile lamps

workshop 16s
Mo.25.04 to Fr.29.04.2016

Richard Dank
supported by Markus Bartaky



In 2013/14 the Institute of Architecture and Media established a new digital media lab at Campus Inffeldgasse – the Augmented Architecture Laboratory, or AuArLa. That whole project arose from the Master Design Studio of the same name.

Images from the construction of the AuArLa and its operation at Inffeldgasse 10.



Meanwhile the IAM moved to Kronesgasse 5. Taking the grid-elements, the high-tech equipment and the idea of a fully controllable immersive environment along with it. And we are planning to continuously enhance that new space.

Therefore, this workshop focuses on making the 24 DMX-addressable LED-lights also spatially adjustable – with servos …

The new space under development, Grasshopper samples and Arduino/Processing control, the servos and boards.